Hogus and Paul Descend Island Peak

Hogus and Paul Descend Island Peak

Summiting was more relief than jubilation. Summiting is the goal, but getting down safely is all that really matters. We were on the summit after 10 hours of climbing. We had planned 9 hours to summit AND descend, so we were behind schedule. But we would not increase our risks by hurrying. We would descend at a safe pace and arrive at base camp safely.

We carefully descended the summit ridge with ropes, uncomfortably aware that a fall on either side would be an unpleasant (but not life-threatening) recovery. Those small dots on the bottom-left of the picture are climbers. It’s a long way down through the ice. It’s even further down to the valley where our sleeping bags at base camp are waiting for us.

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Nepal 2012 Toughest Per Pound

Nepal 2012 Toughest Per Pound

Bir Badur is an amazingly strong man. Pound for pound he is the strongest man I have ever known.
Bir doesn’t know his weight because he doesn’t have a bathroom scale, because Bir doesn’t have a bathroom in his house.Nepal 2012 Toughest Per Pound

Paul is 150 pounds (70 kgs) and is 5’6″ (167.5 cm) tall.
Two nurses on our team both agree that Bir probably weights 90 pounds (40 kgs) and is about 4’10” (147 cm) tall.

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Hogus and Paul Descend Island Peak

Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken

Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken., Santos, our cook, makes some very special meals in very rustic kitchen spaces with very simple equipment. The portable stoves burn kerosene.

The local village people help with preparing the food. Tonight Santos made a special meal for us which would be considered a luxury – chicken.Nepal 2012

But there is no refridgeration in the countryside and teamleader Tami has had some very bad experiences with food poisoning. On a prior trek 2 young men had eaten some meat and got so violently sick that they considered a medical evacuation flyout.

But 3 days of serious discomfort and being left behind the group to recuperate then several hard days to catch up to the rest of the team and the boys were OK. So Tami ‘highly recommends’ we eat vegetarian during the trip.

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