Robert Hill

Robert Hill is a triathlete, adventure racer, climber, mountaineer, ostomate and Crohn’s sufferer. He is also the Executive Director of IDEAS.

Diagnosed in 1994 with Crohn’s disease, Rob Hill colon was removed a year and a half later. Rob Hill combined his love for life, sense of adventure, with a love of the outdoors, to start the IDEAS No Guts Know Glory campaign to climb the tallest mountain on each continent. “By my taking it to the extreme, I hope to show other people living with a chronic intestinal problem that it shouldn’t stop you from living life.” Rob will be the first Crohn’s sufferer and Ostomate to achieve this feat. Rob is a Global Ambassador and honourary recipient of the Great Comebacks award.

Rob is available in the Lower Mainland. You can read more about Rob Hill campaign at

UOAC Ostomy Youth Camp

UOAC Ostomy Youth Camp

  • To provide an opportunity for young people aged 9-18 with consideration to emotional growth and maturity, who have ostomies or other special related needs (intermittent catheterization; urinary or bowel incontinence; internal pouch; Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis), to attend camp and participate in camp activities under professional supervision
  • Provide formal/informal education on:
  • anatomy and physiology
  • self esteem and coping
  • sexuality
  • Encourage independence and self confidence with personal care and camp activities
  • Provide individual ET and UOAC counselling on physical and psychosocial needs

UOAC Ostomy Youth CampActivities:

  • formal/informal education sessions
  • swimming
  • camp out
  • outdoor recreation
  • rafting
  • arts and crafts
  • dance
  • rap sessions

WHEN: Camp dates for 2012 are July 2-7, 2012

WHERE: Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek Alberta (southwest of Calgary)

WHO: Children between the ages 9 – 18 who have had or who will have bowel or bladder diversionary surgery or who have related special needs ( i.e. self catheterization, bowel and bladder incontinence), due to birth defects, trauma or disease (e.g.. Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer, Spina Bifida.)