Truth about Crohns Disease from a 19-year old

A 19 year-old’s very wise take on the realities of Crohn’s Disease and how it is ill-“perceived” by those unfamiliar with the Disease. That 19 year-old is Jennifer Wheeler and she can be contacted at……


Teen Beauty Queen Raises Funds for Crohn’s

Teen beauty queen raises funds for Crohn’s charity – Rye and Battle Today

Rye and Battle Today Teen beauty queen raises funds for Crohn’s charity Rye and Battle Today At the sit down dinner she gave a speech enlightening the attendees about her own Crohn’s story and provided some general information and statistics about the d …

Making medicine – Halifax News Net

Halifax News Net Making medicine Halifax News Net The Lower Sackville resident has suffered with Crohn’s Disease since his teenage years. He has spent a great deal of his life in and out of hospitals, and at the height of his illness was taking 12 to 16 …

Crohns Disease And Teenagers | HOT


While Crohn’s Disease normally manifests after the teenage years it is not completely uncommon for the disease to show during this period of time. If Crohn’s develops during adolescence it is best that you know how to help

Performance From Teenage Dancer Macaulay crohns disease


A teenager who was struck down with an agonising bowel condition says dancing has helped him to overcome his debilitating illness. Macaulay Selwood, 17, was diagnosed with Crohn’s two years ago and was so unwell that