Robert Hill

Robert Hill is a triathlete, adventure racer, climber, mountaineer, ostomate and Crohn’s sufferer. He is also the Executive Director of IDEAS.

Diagnosed in 1994 with Crohn’s disease, Rob Hill colon was removed a year and a half later. Rob Hill combined his love for life, sense of adventure, with a love of the outdoors, to start the IDEAS No Guts Know Glory campaign to climb the tallest mountain on each continent. “By my taking it to the extreme, I hope to show other people living with a chronic intestinal problem that it shouldn’t stop you from living life.” Rob will be the first Crohn’s sufferer and Ostomate to achieve this feat. Rob is a Global Ambassador and honourary recipient of the Great Comebacks award.

Rob is available in the Lower Mainland. You can read more about Rob Hill campaign at

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