Rob Hill at Ostomy camp and the Youth Rally

Rob Hill was busy in July volunteering at the Canadian Ostomy Youth Camp in Kananaskis, Alberta and the Youth Rally. These two camps provide an opportunity for children and youth in Canada and the USA who have had, or may have to have, bowel or bladder diversionary surgeries an opportunity to get together with other kids facing similar issues. Rob has been a long-time supporter of both events. Recently, Rob’s charitable organization, IDEAS, has got behind these events in a big way and found a way to build on them.

We wanted to find a way that would build on the valuable life skills these two camps offer their participants,” said Rob. “So we’ve provided scholarship opportunities for the Canadian camp kids, between the ages of 16 and 19, to attend a Counselor in Training program so they can learn to better mentor and move on to a staff/volunteer role at camp. We’ve also been able to coordinate a partnership with Youth Rally that allowed us to bring Carly Lindsay and Clinton Shard, both IBD Adventures Everest trek veterans to speak to the campers about their experiences living with inflammatory bowel disease and seeing the top of the world.

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