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Childrens Hospital Oakland Dr Beth Gleghorn

Treating children children with a wide range of stomach and digestive problems. She explains that having a strong team of doctors allows for more resources and better care for the child. She also stresses that Childrens focuses on the entire patient family, not just the patient.

Parents of Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The following sites may help you better understand what your child is experiencing, how to seek support for them (and yourself!), and their healthcare needs.
A Guide for Parents (CCFA)
You have just learned that your child has a chronic form of inflammatory bowel disease (either ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease); here’s some helpful information!

Starlight Stories

My Crohn’s and Colitis Care My Crohn’s and Colitis Care is a new guide for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease which identifies the top 10 essentials of a good IBD service, outlining how you can work in partnership with the health professionals supporting you to manage your condition and care.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Kids Health)
It’s estimated that up to 1 million Americans have inflammatory bowel disease. IBD occurs most frequently in people ages 15 to 30, but it can also affect younger children and older people.

Medical Issues Video (CCFA)
This program discusses medical issues affecting families and children living with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, types of inflammatory bowel disease.


Treating Children and Adolescents (CCFA)
Children require individualized treatment that takes into account the specific disease manifestations (location of inflammation in the intestines, duration, prior response to therapy), the psychosocial adaptation of the child and family, and the child’s age and size.