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Thus, I've kinda adopted this stance that when I get married and have kids I need to be a bit selective and make sure the person has no autoimmune issues before or gastrointestinal problems either I guess… Well, my current boyfriend who I've ….. Ulcerative colitis. Total colectomy with ileostomy featuring Sideshow Bob "The colon seems an unlikely candidate for dramatic effect, but now and then it serves that purpose well." The Associated Press Guide to Punctuation

5 Year Old Has Ulcerative Colitis

My daughter, age 5, has been having bloody diarrhea for 3 weeks now. We had a colonoscopy done last week and are waiting on the results from the biopsy. The Gastro doc thinks Ulcerative Colitis and after the hours that I have spent researching in books and on the web, I am pretty much convinced this will be the outcome. Of course I am upset, angry, confused, and many other emotions at this point but I am also ready to be completely aggressive in getting this thing figured out and solved for her. I made that promise to her and myself. I am looking for words of hope and encouragement that my beautiful, smart, and confident daughter will not be lost to this.

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