Ostomy Information for Parents

My child has an Ostomy (United Ostomy Association Inc.)

This pamphlet contains information about ostomy surgery, the care that ostomies require, and other information that might be helpful while my child is in your care.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Information about Specific Surgical Procedures: Ileostomoy

Includes: what is an ileostomy?; caring for an ileostomy; living with an ileostomy; when to call the doctor.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

UOAA Ostomy Information and Care Guides

Find general information answers, guidebooks in PDF format, reference cards, brochures, and fact sheets on your child and ostomy

United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. (History)

A Parents of Ostomy Children task force was appointed as an outreach to parents and the medical community.

United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. (Publications)

Find articles on topics such as if you have had an ostomy operation or will need one in the future, a personal story about the daughter of world-famous parents, Grey Owl and Anahareo.

OSTOMY TORONTO – Visitation Program

In addition, the Visiting Service welcomes family members, spouses/partners, parents of ostomy children and significant others.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: LIFE Center

For a copy of a pamphlet Parent’s Guide to Ostomy Care for Infants and Children distributed by ConvaTec, go to this site. It can only be picked up through the life center.

Ostomy Care and Management

Written home care instructions to parents.

Living with a Colostomy

The interactive support website for all ostomists as well as their friends and family.

University of Wisconsin – Madison General Surgery: Illeal Pouch Reconstruction

Find answers to your questions about what is illeal pouch reconstruction; anatomy & terminology; indications for illeal pouch reconstruction; illeal pouch types; illeal pouch reconstruction types; illeal pouch reconstruction procedure; functional results; operative risks; and more.

Invisible Disabilities Advocate

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate strives to help friends and family better understand chronic illness and pain, as well as learn how to be a source of encouragement and support.

Quality Life Association

A non-profit nationwide association aimed at meeting the special needs of the continent ostomate and to educate others in the latest advances in ostomy options.

Ostomy/J-pouch Web Ring

Gathers sites with information, pics, message boards, chat channels, personal pages of ostomates.

More Camps

Ostomy Toronto

Meetings scheduled: Sending kids to UOAC Kid’s camp!

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