My Ileum Resection Surgery for Crohn’s Disease

This is my story of ileum resection surgery in slide-show form. Just pics of how it went for me in hopes of helping someone else in a similar situation. I don’t recommend this surgery to everyone, it was my last option and I was still very against it, but I hope that my story will inspire others that there is help out there in one form or another. Thanks for watching 🙂


  1. Fartil

    Good job buddy keep on fighting.

    The thing that impressed me most was you smiled through the whole slide show even when u seemed at your worst.

    Hope you are still fit and healthy(ish) lol


  2. Fartil

    Good job buddy keep on fighting.

    The thing that impressed me most was you smiled through the whole slide show even when u seemed at your worst.

    Hope you are still fit and healthy(ish) lol


  3. CaptainGtube

    my nurse told me not to have surgery as it can cause other parts of the colon pain…..i have tried a new drug…which worked for 3 weeks.. then my pain and problems came back.. it has totally shattered me.. nothing else the dr can do.. but i will not consider surgery i guess

  4. teamlightening

    I’ve tried lots of different diets and I’ve never found anything that helps. The only thing I do is avoid seeds, nuts, and roughage. There are tons of people out there who will tell you diets are important but it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve come to believe all those people pushing diets are just out to make a buck, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Good luck 🙂

  5. Andy Lantka

    I plan on asking my gi about this option Friday. I am sp tired of being sick its like I’m a broken down car I can’t be relyed upon. I am a dad with two kids and lotsa bills but my uc is just getting worse

  6. Lino J

    awwwwww glad you feel better…so sorry for the pain you had to endure…my girlfriend is currently in the hospital battling crohns your video has helped me further understand her battle….she is so worried about me seeing her with her scars…i love her for who she is …and not a scar! good luck…thanks again for the post…take care…btw what meds are you taking…what do you recommend for diet…anything else you suggest…thank you

  7. Chris Doyle

    I’m glad it has turn out well and wish you remission. I too have had this surgery for my Crohn’s of 15 years. Tho it was not lapro my recovery took 3 months. I will say cant remember a time when I wasn’t in pain at least some part of the day. When I awoke from surgery I felt so much relief even with a 4.5 inch cut on my ab. Now 5 months have no symptoms of the disease and better than I can remember.

  8. teamlightening

    Thanks so much! I’m glad to hear you benefited greatly from this surgery as well. I live a normal life these days and sometimes I forget I even have Crohn’s. I hope this time will last forever. So how long ago was your surgery and do you take any control medications? ^____^

  9. Chris Doyle

    I had surgery in May this year; I got to get out of my college classes early :). I do still take Humira as a maintenance medication, since I do not respond well to any other but prednisone. My brother also has Crohn’s he has had 7 surgeries and an ostomy-bag. With my brother’s history and me being off and on prednisone for 12 years he wanted to stay far away from that option, So I take a humira pen every other week.

  10. D. Scott Whitaker

    I had resectioning surgery 8 months ago and I must say I am a bit jelous. Your scar is hardly even noticeable. Although I am male and scars dont tend to bother us guys much, I still would have loved to have had the surgery with cameras. I ended up with a huge bright pink scar 1/4 inch wide and 18 inches long, from my breast bone all the way to about 4 inches above my genitals. I am still oh so greatfull not to suffer the stomache pains that I had. Great post and I am happy your doing well!

  11. the1andonlytweeze

    Tomorrow I’ll be going on for my second re sectioning surgery in none years, so I know what u went thru, for me the hard part during the recovery was having that damn tube running down my nose into my stomach for three weeks, definitely not looking forward to that at all…hope ur doing better and all is well! God bless

  12. uluvSparrow

    Well I was young too, and I had only had Crohn’s for about a year when I had this surgery, so my advice is to go for it. The risks aren’t really that bad; a scar, a long recovery and… let’s see, I guess an infection is possible. If you’ve tried everything else than there really isn’t anything else to do but go for it. I hope I’m not being too harsh about it, it’s not an easy thing and no 16 year old wants to have a surgery, but if it’s what you had to do then jump in 🙂

  13. donandroz

    i’m glad you’re on the road to recovery,i too had surgery twice for my chrone the first was a left hemicolectomy and life was good for the next 6 mths but then it came back with an awful vengence,i lost 38 kgs in the space of a mth and was left with no choice and went back to hospital for a total colectomy,basically they took everything anus colon everything from the small intestine down..i dont recommend surgery to try and fix crohns its very painful.i attempted all the drugs before surgery

  14. donandroz

    surgery isn’t the best option and i should know.i had surgery to fix my crohns and it was a 50-50 chance of the disease coming back,unfortunately the bastard came back for me.a drug called infleximab mat be the best solution for people with severe chrones.the thing that bothered me with the disease is that most of us look healthy up to the point where we go down hill from flare ups

  15. donandroz

    i’ve had the surgery and there’s no gaurentee that the disease wont come back.there is a drug called infleximab that can reset your immune sys and cure you.usually a couple of treatments are needed and its VERY expensive and also carrys a risk,because it suppresses you immune sys you are open to ant type of virus,bug etc,i didnt have the drug because i was to ill .i heard people have success with this treatment and some dont,i had the disease for 25 yrs befory surgery

  16. donandroz

    i never had the opportunaty to try the drug i was offered it but another patient who was sicker than i was was given it instead,unfortunately he passed away from complications with the doctor said it usually took three or four infusions of the drug before the immune system reset itself and after that they just monitor you with blood tests.i had 2 major surgery’s and eventually they took everything from the small intenstine down .i disease free now 8 years

  17. tantramtlc

    Hello. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m just wondering a few things…… your scar has healed nicely (and is small for such a big op) – is that because it was done Lapro? What moisturiser did you use on your scar while healing? I also have Crohns and had an emergency Bowel Resection after my bowel ruptured (which is how I found out I had Crohns) so was touch and go because things had gotten so bad but the staff did a wonderful job. Also, what kind of puppy is it and what sex and name?

  18. savfam4

    i’m getting my surgery tomorrow. thx for posting this video because now i feel more confident about going into surgery. Also, after I get out of the hospital my mom is letting me get a puppy :). Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  19. uluvSparrow

    Sorry for the slow reply!! Yes, my surgery was done laparoscopicly but I’ve heard since then that most resects cannot be preformed this way. I begged my doctor to do it lapro and he said he would try his best. I thought my insistence is why he did it but now I’m not so sure… Anyway, I used one of those scar diminishing creams. I forget the brand but it had scar in the name. And my dog is girl named Zoey, I have a bunch of other videos with her if you are interested 🙂

  20. turismo121955

    I am so glad you are doing better I just saw your video an I will be going in for resectioning only 5% open. I hope it goes as well as yours

  21. uluvSparrow

    I’m glad to hear you have such passion for your future patients.  Good luck to you on your boards and please keep your spark alive, we need it 🙂

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  23. Whoaitslivi

    This is really awesome. I am considering this, I have had Chron’s forever. Steroids, IV therapy, it alll and some under the sun. So I’m just really nervous about the scars that have to come with it.. ha

  24. tttexastoast

    just had the surgery on 12/7/12 where they removed about a foot of my colon do to chrons i am home recovering now, i am unable to go make # 2 i am afraid i may have to go back to the hospital if i don’t go tonite or tomorrow. i called my doc today and she said i could take a stool softner no help yet….any help or suggestions to help with my going and my recovery

  25. Heather Leslie

    I have Crohn’s too. Diagnosed in 98; I’ve been avoiding a resection & I’m at that point where I know I will need one in the next few years. You look amazing!! Gives me hope! 🙂

  26. rennie wilson

    Thanks for Ur video, I just found out I have Crohn’s disease I’m in the hospital bed now researching everything about it and I came across Ur story. I’m inspired thank you. Also how long ago was Ur surgery

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