My Coping Mechanisms

Quote from MY book in progress. “Having a disease is terrible, but living life with a disease doesn’t have to be. We live for the moments that are beautiful….

6 thoughts on “My Coping Mechanisms

  1. …I dam soon learned to answer people asking how I was doing with “half alive”
    ~which is better than half dead
    =as they really don’t want to know and just ask to be annoying I suspect
    +just looking back at how bad things where fills me with enough contentness to get threw the reality when the long moments are very tuff, as a last ditch joke to self I just say to myself” fuck I am not dead” and it works after being near dead for far to long

  2. I was blown away when you shared that you had “painted your pain.” Before I had my total colectomy, I painted a “goodbye to my colon”. It looked pink, healthy, and kind of had a glow around it. When I told a nurse about it after my 2nd surgery (the really bad one that took out the ileorectal anastomosis and left me with an unexpected ileostomy), she said that maybe the painting was my way of letting go of my ill colon so we could be reunited sometime in “heaven.” Art does work wonders.

  3. My mom was diagnosed with Crohns back when she was eighteen. Its so great to see you do what you do. Good luck with your book. Im just writing to say your videos allowed me to understand what shes gone through.Your doing a great service. Take care.:)

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