KIDS Ostomy Information

ConvaTec Ostomy: Just For Kids Ostomy Education

Ostomy Education. Answers to these questions and more: What is an ostomy? and How does the human digestive system work?


Common questions about your child’s stoma

Answers to these questions and more: When and how do I change the pouch and how long can the pouch be worn?


Just For Kids

Learn about your body, health, safety and more in this fun, interactive section developed just for kids.


Ostomy Care – Just For Kids

Learning to care for an infant or a child with an ostomy takes practice and patience. Your child recently had life-saving surgery. Now he or she is healing.


Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Digestive and Liver Disorders: Crohn’s Disease

Find what you need to know about Crohn’s disease, Transplant Kids and Ready for Special Camp, and learn that the surgery to create the new opening is called an ostomy and the new opening is called a stoma.

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