Episode FOUR Kids Supersize Vs. Superskinny Season Kids

Series 1 | Episode 4 | Cameron and Aled Eleven-stone Cameron, who grazes on sugary snacks all day, meets 15-year-old Aled, who’s is literally too scared to e…

31 thoughts on “Episode FOUR Kids Supersize Vs. Superskinny Season Kids

  1. I feel so much happier about my weight when I watch this. I can actually see that I’m not super skinny or even on the verge of being fat.

  2. Notice that most of the segments where they talk to teens about anorexia, the teens say they either want to be a model, fashion designer or very interested in fashion. I think this obsession with super skinniness has a lot to do with the ideals that are reinforced by the industry: very underweight models, size zero clothing, ultra thin is beautiful etc. They aren’t interested in making clothes for healthy size people.

  3. Poor kids… especially the fat one.. damn.. some advice for the PARENTS: YOU HURT YOUR KIDS, YOU LET THEM BE SICK WHEN YOU GIVE THEM SUCH BAD FOOD AND NOT LETTING THEM EXERCISE, AND YOU LET YOUR KID EAT THAT LITTLE.. god.. seriosly I feel most baddest for the fat kid

  4. The concept of dessert was and still is really foreign to me, my family’s “dessert” was always an array of fruits/fruit smoothies. I honestly prefer a blueberry smoothie with ice, bananas, hemp seed powder and spinach then a piece of cake. I hate cake. lol

  5. Parents are just lazy these days, they just want to allow their children to graze on snacks all day. They use their “busy lives” as an excuse to not prepare healthy lunches to take to school the next day and a balanced dinner at night.

  6. the kid that was too skinny has chrons disease dipshit. he’s too scared to eat food cause of diarrhea and stomach problems. can you even listen b4 u comment?

  7. Humanity has reached its maximum potential, its all downhill from here on. People are getting fatter and dumber by every day. Its just a matter of time before the movie Idiocracy is real!

  8. I don’t hate cake, but while I was growing up we never got used to eat any kind of desserts. o
    So, is still foreign to me to accept a dessert after lunch. I would eat something sweet like that if i go out with friends to a coffee place in the afternoon some time for example.

  9. I really believe that the strong desire to eat too much and the lack of caring to eat at all has to be a hereditary trait. Because I always here cases of anorexic people had parent or great parent that did the same.

  10. Could this be the exact same link to the video as in the pop up ads? Because in the ads, it’s a youtube video. If we all flag this video would we break the link?

  11. I know right, so much great food out there. They’ll miss out on half the incredible experiences the world has to offer if they never try food, such dumbutts!

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