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  1. I don’t know too much about any crohn’s
    disease, but I’m at the point where I can no longer eat,
    breakfast, cereals, some meats without getting digestive problems.

  2. I guess as you get older, your body has
    change. You can not no longer eat the stuff you useto
    eat, anymore. It show is expensive. I hope everylast
    one feels better.

  3. my mother suffered from ulcerative colitis for 20 years and weighed only 89 pounds at her sickest point, but in 08′ she had 2 surgeries and had her entire colon removed and now weighs 120 pounds.

  4. i have crohns but i can eat anything and get no pain or anything a eat currys ceareal fruit lots of fizzy juice and milk a get no pain a even drink alcahol n everything but a dnt tell ma doctor that i dont live with crohns, crohns lives with me that wat dnt kill u can only make you stronger

  5. I’m amazed at how little people know about this “brown disease”.

    this dude had a great writing style and a wonderful foot!


  6. I was just told today that one of my good friends has it. Please tell me its not fatal. I know I should just watch the video,but I am not so good at watching things inwhich people are in pain. He’s only 20! 🙁

  7. I would recommend using Cat’s Claw. It’s a herb that reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles, improves immune system, fights free radicals, and lowers blood pressure. I got off all my medication for Crohn’s by just taking this one simple herb at 4000mg/day. If you are unhappy with Crohn’s please please please research this miracle herb. It has completely changed my life. You can probably find it at a local health store but if not, you can find it online at numerous sites.

  8. Did you know that 90% of Crohn’s patients have problems digesting milk and gluten? So why the fuck does it have a larger part of the food pyramid with bread? Sorry, but this video is no help whatsoever and only explains the basics of the condition. The fact that this video is suggest someone with a digestive condition to eat cereal really proves to me that the maker of the video lacks basic understanding of the condition! Sorry…but the truth hurts!

  9. All disease and disorder have cures, but your doctor in American may not be able to share it with you. The AMA and FDA are primarily funded by big business. Americans spend $300 Billion on Pharmaceutical “solutions” that is very much like pulling the Fuse to shut down your “Check Engine” light instead of checking and fixing what is under the hood. Email me ([email protected]) to learn more about how I CAN absolutely help you with Crohn’s. I am very straightforward about this!

  10. fast with supervision for a short time then completely stay off eating the grains, gluten, milk, dont drink any water within half hour of eating before or after.

    plenty green vegtables juiced every day [organic if poss], raw foods and taking time to ‘listen to what cause sflare ups within ones body..
    YMMV -helped me though. and they wanted all my bowel out !


  11. I was diagnosed w/crohns when I was 11. I’m 44yr old now. In between theses yrs I have had 7 surgeries for this disease. 3 for bowl resections(they took bout 1 foot each time)and the remainding for scare tissue from the past operations. Was on ‘many’ different types of meds for this. Currently I take Humira, ever other week I give myself a shot of this.It helps but still have problems. Lastly-I have done my best to live a good life-and I have. peace out.

  12. Wow! Very nice language. Go ahead and eat processed foods, take pills with all-kinds of side-effects, and continue with your piss-and-vinegar attitude. That will provide you with a treatment and cure. Now, the body can absolutely heal itself. The body can not only naturally fight off cancer, but it can clear it or cure it when it is in balance. Now, why so angry? What knowledge do you have to share outside of your colorful use of language. Look up “Gerson Therapy.” Good Luck!

  13. Yes all doctors and researchers are hiding the magic cure for cancer and Crohn’s while some bimbo like you discovered it on your own. This is why our society is messed up, not because of greedy pharmaceutical companies, it’s because of rapacious scammers like you; and if you really believe in your magic medicine then I take back the previous comment and instead would like to slap some sense into you with your mother’s penis.

  14. ??? Please tell me which vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties, neutralizes pathogens, relaxes muscles, cures allergies, cures arthritis, helps with cancer, improves brain function, fights off free radicals, lowers blood pressure, and everything else. This is not false hope and magic. Everything I say is backed up by,,,,, and many more sites. And there is virtually 0 risk except for losing a couple bucks because it’s 100% natural

  15. Very emotional and usually a comment like yours at the end shows your ability to study, research and reason. If you know how to use the internet, go to “Hulu” and for free watch “The Gerson Miracle.” It’s a very informational documentary. Good luck my friend! You help nobody with venom and piss. Watch that documentary.

  16. Major problem found at 3:56. Wheat wreaks havoc on the mucosal lining of the intestines and contains gluten, and is high in phytic acid. Phytates have been clinically shown to inhibit the absorption of dietary minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, and zinc. So Crohn’s disease patients who are eating wheat are doing themselves a major disservice.
    I won’t even bother getting into dairy, that’s a whole new can of worms.

  17. You think telling people that there is real help is a SCAM? Woooow.
    If you have Crohn’s, and there’s someone who doesn’t make a dollar to tell you how to help it, don’t you think it would be prudent to at least listen?

  18. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 12 years ago…I think I know better than you what affects the condition and what doesn’t! Since I have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and a dozen years of experience of trying this and that and modifying my lifestyle. So my opinion counts….plus there are studies but how the fuck do I post it on this channel…you fool!

  19. BTW, I don’t understand why you specifically opened a youtube channel this year and just decided to leave a reply to my comment? With such minute activity on your channel I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the maker of this particular video.

    Also, haven’t you ever heard of food intolerance, sensitivities or allergies? Crohn’s disease is a mixture of lifestyle and genetics playing a part. But I do suggest that people who have never had it stop pushing their own ideas of what helps!

  20. I can’t put sources into comment boxes….this is a feature that Youtube simply don’t allow. Why don’t you just google it? There are about a million different sites that show the connection.

  21. I didn’t give you a source, just pointed that google searches show connection between Gluten/Wheat and Crohn’s disease. You see the problem I have when I read and see these types of comments is that if I followed this food pyramid I would still be ill….how do you explain that? I have Crohn’s disease but am clear of symptoms, how do you explain the symptoms coming back with bad diets? And Gluten/Wheat was the last thing I deleted and it worked! Not really an idiot, am I!

  22. this disease is killing me, im 22 and i suffer from the full effect of crohns, i have constent fistule developing, causing extreme discomfort and the abdominal pains are extreme, to the point where i will double over and moan in agony for hours, these symptoms and last for days, then allnim left with are the fistule, then it returns….fml… i used to weigh 65 now im only 50kg… constint runs at the toilet, numerouse times a day, there must always be a toilet close by or im stuffed….

  23. I have PCOS and CELIAC DISEASE, the most undiagnosed and easily treated disease that causes stomach problems. PROBIOTICS, GLUTEN FREE AND a SIMPLE BLOOD TEST CAN TELL YOU demand the blood test. Other symptoms under or over weight,various gastric complaints, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. Anemia, Crohns, PCOS, gastric ulcers, parasitic infection skin disorders, nerves, numbness in arms and legs: all COULD BE CELIAC!

  24. I have chronze disease too the dr thinks my chronze started when I was a child and when I became an adult it took hold of me,,when I was 18 years old my chronze got so bad that I was in the hospital for a month and my high school diploma was brought to me in my hospital room.,I only weighed 86 pounds at the time Im lucky to be alive I always had direahreah accidents at school,I had to have surgery in 1990,my rectum was removed my large instine was removed,and part of small

  25. my bigest question is yes I have chronze disease yes my large instine had to be removed and my rectum removed and part of my small instine removed,,theres not much left of my small instine plus I have a prolapsed hurnia on top of that,,they cant take too much more out of me,,but the big question is how do I go about a diet,,and being dibetic too,,even my dietician doesnt know what to do,,

  26. Ever tried using herbs? SOOOOO much more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. I take Cat’s Claw, it can suppress ANY flare up I get no problem. Such a great herb. Turmeric, slippery elm, marijuana, are also all really good. I used to take Humira but since starting Cat’s Claw, been drug free for over a year 😀 Also check out Wanted: Crohn’s End, going to be a great documentary about Crohn’s! All about alternative medicine.

  27. This video wont help you at all. You need to start drinking fresh juice that you juice yourself and look up herbs that cleanse the bowels and intestines. Abstain from all dairy, grains, cereals, meat. Drink plenty of pure water, and no pure water does not come out of the tap you need to buy water that is 100% free of all chemicals (including fluoride, first used in Nazi concentration camps to quell dissenters.) Research “natural crohns disease cure” and get as many sources as you can.

  28. Boost? Boost Juice? Don’t drink that crap they use reconstituted fruit juice, you need to juice vegetables and fruit yourself to gain any benefit.

  29. I don’t know anything about this disease but i just watchd a video from CannabisCureTV, where they talk about their life with this disease and how cannabis tottaly have changed their life to normal. Take a look at this video:



    Like this so it’s easier to see for everyone! 🙂 peace.

  30. I was really sick with chronze disease in 1982 almost died from it I was 86 pounds then,, my dietician placed me on SUSTACAL its better than ensure one can of SUSTACAL is about 960 calories its a larger can,,and I think it tastes better than ensure,,,check into SUSTACAL its higher in protien and calories,,,and it taste better too,

  31. I have been searching for help on what to eat because of my chronze disease my dietician is no help,,in 1990 I had to have my rectum removed my large instine removed and part of my small instine removed I now live with an illisostomy BUT,,,,in 2009 I was told I had dibitis A dibitec diet is IN COMPLETE REVERSE FROM WHAT MY OSTOMY DIET IS SOSPOSED TO BE,,my chronze was discovered in 1982,,so what diet do I follow ,,does it matter

  32. I was really sick with chronze disease in 1982 almost died from it I was 86 pounds then,, my dietician placed me on SUSTACAL its better than ensure one can of SUSTACAL is about 960 calories its a larger can,,and I think it tastes better than ensure,,,check into SUSTACAL its higher in protien and calories,,,and it taste better too,

  33. I was diagnosed with Chrons a couple of years ago, most of my pain is in my upper left area. sometimes I pass alot of bright red blood which my specialist isn’t concerned about, he says I only need to worry if it is dark red and clumpy. I am always tired, I have no appetite. He prescribed vitamin B & D, calcium and fish oil, but I always feel worse after I take them so I stopped. I need to do something cause I need to work. Advice please?

  34. You are entitled to have an opinion, though the use of language is not called for. The video is for informational purposes only, maybe the person that put the video together does have little understanding of Crohn’s Disease.

    It is better to use common sense, and further research to understand an illness properly. Go to your family doctor or GP and let them explain if you need a referral to a specialist.

  35. As much as this ‘informational’ slide show, describes, it still cannot answer the question, what is the cause?
    The ulcers and the inflammation are symptoms. The name Crohns Disease was from a MAN. Dr. Burril Crohn. It’s just a name. Don’t identify yourself with a disease. Look more to what could be the cause. READ the Biology of Belief – Dr. Bruce Lipton. Understand that HOW YOU THINK AFFECTS EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY. THAT is a fact. 40 years of suffering the so-called Crohns & no more.

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