Crohns Disease Module 2: What is Crohns Disease?

Learn how the diagnosis is made. Questions addressed in this module include: Is there a cure? How common is Crohns? What medications or treatments are available? Is it serious? What kind of tests will be involved in the future? What happens now? Featuring: Athos Bousvaros, MD, MPH, Pediatric Gastroenterologist; and Tracee Saslowsky, MSN, PNP, Nurse Educator. This video is part of the video series “Growing Up With Crohn’s Disease: What Every Family Should Know” — brought to you by Children’s Hospital Boston.

6 thoughts on “Crohns Disease Module 2: What is Crohns Disease?

  1. This is a great video. Its a great service to those individuals and their families. I do not personally have this disease, I was just learning what it was about and this video was excellent in giving me that information. I do however, have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I understand Remicade treats both diseases. Is there a video similar to this one about AS? Thanks for the great video.

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  3. Cannabis for a twelve year old? I tried Weed and didn’t like it because it makes me paranoid, unsocial and lazy. And it didn’t fade the pain…

  4. This video is the best source to know about Chron’s Disease and it’s prevention procedure.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Dr. James Meschino

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