Bones and Crohn’s Disease in Children

According to a new study, a child’s bone age should be measured as part of routine care, in order to assess their growth and decide on the best course of treatment.

Crohn’s disease can impede growth and delay puberty for children, and their bones may be less developed than their peers.

According to a new study, a child’s bone age should be measured as part of routine care, in order to assess their growth and decide on the best course of treatment.

What Do Bones Have to Do with Crohn’s?

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2 thoughts on “Bones and Crohn’s Disease in Children

    1. I suggest you do alot of oilnne reading about your disease, what works and doesn’t, and learn for yourself.In my expereince, Dr’s are very lacking in understanding the correct treatments for this disease; they tend to be very limited in their scope- drugs and surgery are all they tend to know.In my own experience, if you are careful about your diet and lifestyle, and use other homeopathic treatments to maintain yourself, you can avoid having to take dangerous drugs again.I have had Crohns since I was 11- I am now 42. Since I was 25 (about 27 years ago) I have been using the methods I outline below to very successfully keep my disease in check, without drugs. My worst days now are much better then my best days were, before I learned how to treat my disease.Here is my tip list:1. Diet is very key- its so important what you eat and don’t eat. There are many foods which aggravate your symptoms and you have to stay away from these. You will learn this through trial and error- but the common ones include nuts, dairy, high fiber foods .COLD drinks take away your energy, hot drinks add- so avoid cold and iced drinks and drink herbals teas and soups, and room temp water instead.2. SORBITOL- ok- this is VERY IMPORTANT- go look at your toothpaste- mouthwash- diet gum/soda- its all killing you because its likely it has SORBITOL or something like it-For me, when I brush my teeth or use mouthwash with SORBITOL- I have cramps within a minutes-You have to 100% eliminate from everything you use- and it’s very common- so look hard for products which DO NOT use SORBITOL3. Rest, moderate exercise, relax- rest.4. ACUPUNCTURE- this might seems crazy to you- and your MD will most likely roll his eyes- but my personal experience shows me that ACUPUNCUTRE is HIGHLY effective controlling Crohns disease- since regularly going to acupuncture- I have gotten to the point where my worst days are now better then my best days used to be.

      I have used acupuncture since I was 20 (now 42) and I can tell you if you find a good practitioner, you will be at a different level with you disease in 6 months time- without drugs. I have yet to find an MD who will even entertain this is possible- so don’t expect support from regular Doc’s- but as one Crohns suffer to another- I wish I knew this when I was a kid- would have saved me going through hell

      The medicines your doctor gives you destroy the needed bacteria which lives in all of our guts to digest food- without these no-one can digest their food.Take 1-2 of these tablets (make sure they are non-dairy and high quality) before you eat- and it should make a big difference. I take them everyday to be able to eat more/different foods.6. I have found medical marijuana helps with pain, eating, and symptoms, it may also have a therapeutic effect.

      Most people I have come across which have had Crohns as lng as I do have had to have surgery or have major complications from their drugs. I still have all my bowel and am very healthy except for my Crohns.When compared against the other drugs which MD’s prescribe, Pot has the least harmful side effects, can’t kill you from overdose, and is less toxic all around- really no comparison. If I had a child with this disease, I would rather they take a hit of pot, then pop a prednisone- no comparison.Hope all this helps

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