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Crohns Disease Module 2 What is Crohns Disease

Crohns Disease Module 2: What is Crohns Disease? Learn how the diagnosis is made. Questions addressed in this module include: Is there a cure? How common is Crohns? What medications or treatments are available? Is it serious? What kind of tests will be involved in the future? What happens now? Feat… Tags: What is Crohns […]

Hogus and Paul Descend Island Peak

Hogus and Paul Descend Island Peak

Summiting was more relief than jubilation. Summiting is the goal, but getting down safely is all that really matters. We were on the summit after 10 hours of climbing. We had planned 9 hours to summit AND descend, so we were behind schedule. But we would not increase our risks by hurrying. We would descend […]

Hogus & Paul Summit Island Peak

Everyone has their own ‘mountains to climb’ Climbing Island Peak Mountain was a long term commitment a formidable challenge a test of fortitude We woke near midnight, to a magnificent black sky and brilliant stars. The snowy mountains shone with an iridescent glow. We ate a hot soup breakfast, filled our 1-Liter bottles with boiling […]

Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken

Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken

Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken., Santos, our cook, makes some very special meals in very rustic kitchen spaces with very simple equipment. The portable stoves burn kerosene. The local village people help with preparing the food. Tonight Santos made a special meal for us which would be considered a luxury – chicken. But there is no […]

Nepal 2012 Lost in the Dark

Nepal 2012 Lost in the Dark We had an easy 8 hour trek through the most spectacular scenery. Waterfalls that cut straight lines from the top to the bottom of a mountain. Pine trees on very steep slopes obliquely illuminated by the sun. Semi tropical forest shrouded in mystical mist. As we crested a mountain […]

Disease attacks boy’s digestive system

Six-year-old Sean Scott adores frogs, mother nature and scientific research. Getting what he is calling a special tummy is not going to stop him from being outside whenever possible. Exactly what it entails, nevertheless, is the fact that just about every eight weeks, Sean, accompanied by his dad, Matt, or his mom, Jessie, will have […]

No Guts Know Glory