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Teens and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The following links provide information about everything from symptoms to treatments, to how to talk to your friends about IBD. Many of them address the unique concerns teenagers may face. New survey of pupils reveals ignorance of Crohn’s and Colitis symptoms amongst teachers Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis are embarrassing and difficult illnesses to have. […]

Teen Beauty Queen Raises Funds for Crohn’s

Teen beauty queen raises funds for Crohn’s charity – Rye and Battle Today Rye and Battle Today Teen beauty queen raises funds for Crohn’s charity Rye and Battle Today At the sit down dinner she gave a speech enlightening the attendees about her own Crohn’s story and provided some general information and statistics about […]

Ways to Make Crohn’s a little more liveable

Ways to Make Crohn’s a little more liveable – Crohn’s Disease Forum … http://www.crohnsforum.com3/6/13 I’m wondering what creative things you or your children do/have done to make their Crohn’s treatments a little more enjoyable? I’d love to hear about/see pics when available, of the creative things you’re doing. My daughter …   Enteral nutrition improved […]

Crohns Disease Module 3 Medications

Crohns Disease Module 3: Medications This module describes typical treatments including induction agent, maintenance, and rescue medication. Learn what happens if medication is ineffective or resistant, as well as information about the medications safety and side effects. Featuring: Pau… Tags: Crohns Disease Medications, Resources for Kids

Crohns Disease Module 4 Surgical Options

Crohns Disease Module 4: Surgical Options This module addresses reasons why surgery may be needed and what risks may be associated with it. Featuring: Athos Bousvaros, MD, MPH, Pediatric Gastroenterologist; and Bradley Linden, MD, Pediatric General Surgeon. This video is part of the video se… Tags: Crohns Disease Surgical Options

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