Child with UC Ulcerative Colitis

The onset and course of ulcerative colitis diagnosed in 38 children at or before 10 years of age were reviewed. The mean age at onset was 5.9 years. A family history of inflammatory bowel disease was present in 24% of patients, and 13% had a history of cow milk allergy in infancy. Initially, by radiologic or colonoscopic studies, 71% had total colonic disease, 13% had left-sided colitis, and 6% had proctitis; extensive examination was not performed in 4 patients. Four patients (11%) presented with severe colitis, 14 (37%) with moderate colitis, and 20 (53%) with mild colitis. The most frequent symptoms were abdominal pain (94%), diarrhea (84%), and rectal bleeding (84%).

Ulcerative colitis in children 10 years old or younger

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