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We are a non-profit organization working to make Canadians aware of the issues people living with intestinal disease face. We’re committed to education and awareness programs that help to remove the stigma surrounding living with an intestinal disease or an ostomy. We're committed to making access to information about intestinal diseases easy, via this website.

Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camps

How To Register
Registration for IDEAS kids camps will be up and running soon for this Summer 2013. Check back again through our website as we are constantly updating resources and information, including more information on our ‘About Camp’ page that will have more information on special events and more camps through IDEAS! Bookmark our page and come back to visit us soon!

Parents Resources

Resources for IBD families

The latest IBD news and resources for parents to better understand inflammatory bowel disease,
Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

IBD Resources for Kids

Use our news resource list of professional organizations, support groups, videos and Web sites to help children deal with the social and emotional impact of their illnesses as well as the physical symptoms.

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Summer Day Camps

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